Xerxes Global unites our businesses with a common goal: Never Stop Getting Better. By working together, our businesses share resources, expertise and knowledge in order to create Better and Bolder solutions than they could have on their own.

This page highlights each of the companies that have come together to make Xerxes Global. Individually, each company is an innovative leader in its industry. Together, we’re gamechangers. Here’s how:

All companies have data; it’s the insights that lie within that truly matter. In today’s hyper-competitive environment, turning that data into game-changing insights faster is the key to winning big.

By Thinking Bolder, EBM Software has developed tools like our Diligent® software, which powers M&A insights for some of the largest private equity firms and investment banks in the world. We’ve developed solutions like the Catalyst FP&A Cloud, which enables dramatic turnarounds for mid-market companies across the country. Our clients choose us because we make gut decisions obsolete – we make it easier to Be Better.


Blue Ops is our Mergers & Acquisitions advisory business. Blue Ops’ team of M&A, finance and IT experts leverage hundreds of years of collective real-world operating experience as CFOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Analysts and Data Scientists to provide hands-on, client-integrated, buy-side diligence, sell-side preparation, portfolio company onboarding and management support to investment banks, PE funds and portfolio companies.

While having this incredible team would be enough for most companies, we Think Bolder. One of our boldest principles is that the best Solutions only come from bringing together great people, the right processes and innovative systems. Through our partnership with our sister companies, Blue Ops is able to deliver repeatable solutions, greater insights and analytics, and broad relationships that help guarantee wins for our clients.


The Association of Retail & Consumer Professionals is the parent company to the Category Management Association and the Shopper Insights Management Association. CMA and SIMA were already at the forefront of advocating for their industries, providing a common language, best practices and diverse learning opportunities in the ever-changing retail industry. Together, however, the organizations can Think Bolder.

ARC provides a cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind resource and advocacy center that unites the category management and shopper insights professional communities more purposefully than ever before. ARC guides the healthy growth of these disciplines by giving professionals a forum to learn, connect, grow and ultimately, Be Better.



More than a decade ago, we started with a simple Vision to challenge the status quo by Thinking of Bolder ways to help the people and companies we would grow to serve Be Better. Today we are four companies, but that won’t always be the case. We intend to continue starting new ventures, acquiring inspiring capabilities and partnering with companies that share our Vision.

If your company isn’t satisfied with just being at the forefront of your industry; you want to push harder, break open and change your industries forever through innovation and bold new strategies, then get in touch. We’d love to learn more about how we can help each other Be Better.

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