At Xerxes Global, we believe in bold. We get excited about the BIG ideas – the ones that disrupt or break open an industry to change everything. We develop innovative new ways to find insights that shake business to its foundations, new approaches to management that dare to ask “what if you could?,” and new ways of presenting information to unite industries like never before.

At Xerxes Global, “innovation” isn’t just a buzzword; it’s our business plan. Whatever we’re working on, we never stop finding ways to make it easier, faster, more useful and better. Most businesses fall short of making the world Better because they aren’t Bold enough. We created Xerxes Global so we could Think Bolder and Be Better.

Blue Ops is our Mergers & Acquisitions advisory business.  Our team of M&A, finance, IT and business experts help clients Be Better by providing tactical advice and critical on-the-ground support confidently backed by hundreds of years of collective operating experience. Blue Ops also provides proprietary tools from EBM Software to help our private equity, investment banking and portfolio company clients find deal winning insights, standardize and accelerate value creation, and ultimately deliver huge buy and sell-side wins.


EBM Software helps finance professionals and business leaders Think Bolder by developing data analysis tools so powerful that they allow EBM clients to conduct data analysis that would have taken months in mere minutes, transforming complex data into game-changing insights they can use to Be Better now.


The Association of Retail & Consumer Professionals is an umbrella organization uniting the Category Management Association and the Shopper Insights Management Association. Together, these three organizations provide a new, one-of-a-kind resource and advocacy center for the category management and shopper insight disciplines. ARC helps two exciting young industries Think Bolder by providing a community platform where industry leaders can connect, learn and share resources to Get Better together.



“Thinking Bolder” has been a part of the Xerxes Global DNA from the very beginning. With a group of synergistic businesses, we saw a unique strategic opportunity to Be Better by working together. Our successes have confirmed that helping others Think Bolder is the best way we can make a difference. Here’s how we’ve made that difference so far:

A Virtual Tour of Our Virtual Campus.

We Explore the State-of-the-Art Setting for the 2021 CMA|SIMA Conference.


Xerxes Global has already done some truly exciting work, but where we’re going next is even Better. Here’s the latest example of where we’re headed:

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The people that work for Xerxes and its companies are special. Not only do they have diverse backgrounds, extraordinary skillsets and long lists of accomplishments, they are also all united by one, defining value: No matter what we do, we are all trying to do it better today that we did yesterday and better tomorrow than we did today. “Think Bolder. Be Better.” It’s not just some catchy tagline. For us, it’s a way of life.

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